• How to select the perfect mattress protector for your mattress?

    A mattress protector is a bedding encasing the mattress. It does not alter the original feel of the mattress. It is removable. Using a mattress without a mattress protector is like using a smart phone without cover.


    A mattress protector from a mattress firm Portland helps to protect the mattress from dust, food particles, food stains, moisture, germs, dead skin cells and allergens. Bottom line, a mattress protector prolongs the life of the mattress and keeps the sleeper healthy.


    Here is a guide to choose the best mattress protector.


    Reasons to use a mattress protector


    It helps to keep the sleeper hygienic.


    It prevents the mattress from getting worn out.


    A mattress becomes a good breeding ground for mites if the mattress is left unprotected. This is mainly because one can easily remove the mattress protector and wash it.


    Apart from washable mattress protectors there are also water proof mattress protectors that help to keep the mattress away from stains.


    Are both mattress pad and mattress topper the same?


    They are not the same. They are different in the following ways


    Mattress pads


    Mattress pads from the mattress firm Portland are thinner than mattress toppers. They are generally used as a mattress protector or to provide extra softness. The following are the apt reasons to buy a mattress pad

    A mattress pad can be used as a waterproof layer for the mattress.


    There are also heated mattress pads that can be used in winter.


    On the other hand, there are also cooling pads for a hot weather.


    Mattress topper


    Mattress topper in a mattress firm Portland adds significant softness to the mattress.


    Both mattress pads and mattress topper can be used simultaneously. However, use the mattress topper over the mattress pad.


    Mattress protector materials and their uses


    It is essential to learn about the material that the mattress protector from the mattress firm Portland is made of. This is because it influences the sleeper’s body condition. There are 3 materials available in the market as follows.




    It gives a good cushiony feel and helps to keep the body cool


    Easy to wash and best suited for people who sweat a lot


    It is usable in all seasons




    It is thin and keeps the user warm.


    It is easy for cleaning.


    It is weather resistant.




    It is moisture and stain resistant


    It is highly durable